Our Vision

We are a trusted Napa County resource dedicated to helping vulnerable students achieve success in college, careers, and life as a contributing member of our community.

Our Values

Our Values

Power of Education & Mentors

We believe in the transformative power of education, mentors, and role models to change lives, and we applaud the extraordinary self-determination our students have demonstrated to achieve their goals and alter their futures.


Strength of the Human Spirit

We believe in the strength of the human spirit and the resilience to succeed despite formidable social, emotional, economic and family obstacles.


Strong Board of Directors

We believe that a strong Board of Directors, a comprehensive fundraising program, and an endowment are central to maintaining the strength and stability of IGAC so that we may continue our mission.

“Never be too proud to accept help and always pay it forward.”


Why We Do What We Do

The Napa County visionaries who established If Given A Chance in 1995 understood the profound impact of post high school education, especially college, on life skills, emotional balance, professional advancement, annual income and family stability. They also understood that high school students whose lives had been turned upside down by financial hardship, mental and physical abuse, poor life choices, and an unstable home environment were least likely to have an opportunity to pursue either a college education or a vocational training program. This vulnerable group of students represents the focus of all we do at IGAC.

What We Do

Our special niche in the area of youth education is to assist Napa County students affected by demoralizing family instability, poverty, emotional and medical hardship who have made a commitment to remodel their lives to complete high school and a college or professional/technical program of study.

We begin our program in our students’ junior year of high school and support them through the completion of a postsecondary program. In partnership with Students Rising Above, we provide mentoring, financial assistance, counseling, life-skills, and career workshops. The goal is to deepen and expand our support to ensure students will have long term success.