Application Process


If Given A Chance is looking to support Napa County high school juniors who have experienced profound, personal challenges and demonstrate a commitment to continuing their education after high school. Students should also be in need of financial support to apply for and attend post-secondary education programs.


The If Given A Chance program provides life-skills mentoring and financial reimbursement for college tests, applications, and entry fees through senior year and continuing financial support through college or vocational certificate programs. The goal is to provide in-depth support for students to ensure they will have long term success.


If Given A Chance will establish a relationship with each student to assist in guiding their path through college or vocational certificate application process. We will provide many resources, mentors, and coaching to help them complete their post-secondary education. We will continue to support them from high school graduation through college or vocational training and on to a selected career.

If Given a Chance provided me not only financial support, but also allowed me to share my story through a safe space, which has helped me overcome my own fears of being open about it. My connections were not limited to my peers, because I was also introduced to adults in my field of study. I also appreciated the quarterly check-ins because I felt like someone cared about how I was doing. The If Given a Chance Award is like no other award, because I always feel connected to a family and to people who care about my education and success for the future.

Emily C., Majoring in law, UC Davis