Nick Offord, An If Given Success Story

January 6, 2017


Nick Offord began working in sound in Northern California before relocating to Los Angeles in 2009. Since then he has enjoyed collaborating with directors such as Jacob Rosenberg, Bryce Dallas Howard, and Eva Longoria. His expertise in traditional analogue mixing and Pro Tools Icon mixing facilitates efficiency during the creative process. His passion for sound and its role in film drives him to mix compelling soundscapes for both television and feature films.


Dear Friend,

What makes IGAC so compelling? I believe it comes from the stories of the youth we are able to support while they change their lives.

Nick faced a tumultuous childhood and adolescence. He found himself caught in many difficult family and step family situations, having to move around and change schools, struggling financially, facing violence. Nick had to grow up fast, become strong enough to follow his dreams and goals and not let any difficulties hold him back. His one strong bond with his mother kept him going. Nick realized that creating his own positive life path was up to him. In his application for the If Given A Chance Award at age 18, Nick wrote…”I have a big heart and I think that if it wasn’t for how things went in my life and staying strong, I wouldn’t be the person I am today.


In the Letter of Recommendation that is required with the application, his high school counselor said about Nick….”he is an honest, diligent, thoughtful and caring individual. He is one of the rare young men who garners trust and admiration of his peers, the adults who are part of his extended community, and children who are younger than he is. Nick is simply liked by people and for good reasons. They sense his good will and humanity. They know that he will honor his commitments.” Certainly high praise for this young man.


Nick attended the Ex’pressions College for Digital Art and Sound in Emeryville, California. He graduated in 2009 and headed off to LA to pursue his dream of becoming a Re-Recording Mixer for the movie industry.


Nick himself says “this foundation is amazing. I feel so incredibly honored to be a part of the If Given A Chance Family. When I received my award, not only was it a huge help for me financially but it was more about the boost of confidence that I had knowing there was a group of people behind me that believed enough in me to help me out. I am forever grateful to the foundation, the people who run it, and the donors who were kind enough to help me. I hope my story can be encouraging to young people who are trying to make a change for the better.”


He currently works at Sony Pictures in Los Angeles as a Re-Recording Mixer and has worked on multiple TV series including Empire, The Goldbergs, Unforgettable, Silicon Valley, the Big C, House of Lies, several TV movies, and an ever growing list of feature films and documentaries. Nick is surely one of If Given A Chance Foundation’s success stories!! 


With the support of individuals in the Napa County community, we continue to be able to help young people like Nick. Our other recipients have battled severe illnesses, alcoholism, drug addiction, eating disorders and gang influences. They have been foster children or have survived sexual and physical abuse, abandonment, and poverty. They also are often students who are overlooked by traditional scholarship funding. Their grades don’t reflect that they did homework while undergoing chemotherapy or living in homeless shelters. What we look for is a demonstration by these students that they have what it takes to succeed as they forge a new path for themselves.


Over the past 23 years, the If Given A Chance foundation has guided students through college, seminary, law and vocational schools, esthetician/beauty schools, and advanced degrees at Oxford. We have provided cars, laptops, desks, driving lessons, and even practice cookbooks and kitchen equipment for a culinary student. We ask our students “What is it that you need?” as we create for them a something most of us enjoyed while growing up, a support system and a family.


We are honored by the confidence shown by local business, foundations, and individuals from our extended Napa County community as well as our local leaders and officials. With your help we can continue to create more success stories, and ensure that our young people trying to change their lives receive that most wonderful gift, a chance.





Michael Mulcahy



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