If Given A Chance provides financial, educational, emotional and moral support for youth who have overcome tremendous challenges and who have demonstrated a commitment to continuing their education.  These youth have experienced homelessness or extreme poverty, suffered abuse, neglect, faced daunting health problems or made poor choices and may be underprepared for entering either college or independent training.  They often need financial support and emotional guidance in life skills.


Our program meets the essential needs of these students by:


  • Establishing a professional mentoring relationship with students who are often the first person in their family to attend post-secondary education to help guide their path from high school through college or a vocational training program.  This professional mentoring:

    • Helps them to prepare for positive adult life.

    • Teaches them how to communicate their needs and advocate for themselves to                 successfully navigate college and/or independent life.

    • Provides individualized problem solving assistance and moral support.


  • Providing funds to be used for food, shelter, transportation and technology while attending school.  These necessities are mostly not present in typical educational funding models such as financial aid.

  • Connecting the student with a community of caring adults who support them emotionally while celebrating their successes and holding them accountable for their choices.  These adults also provide the students with access to their network of professional relationships to help them as they begin to navigate adult life.

  • Finally, If Given A Chance builds a community of shared purpose.  We bring together diverse organizations, agencies and individuals working on youth related issues to find constructive solutions for recipients of the awards.


By providing funds, training, guidance and emotional support, If Given A Chance

seeks to ensure that committed, vulnerable students are provided relevant tools to complete

 their chosen life enhancing educational programs.




Our Napa Valley Community has many young people whose stories are similar to those we have listed above.  There is a need to help them in the ways we have helped others.  To make a difference in the lives of these young lives, we need your help.

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