Roseanne faced struggles that included an abusive, violent, drug addicted, criminal father who abused all 6 children and tried to murder her mother.  The family was often times homeless, moved to four different states, and lived below poverty level.  Roseanne attended 13 different schools before high school.  She took responsibility for the care of her younger siblings, while her father abused drugs and her mother worked long hours.


After her father was sent to prison for attempted murder, Roseanne and her family reached a level of stability and lived in the same 

place for 4 years while she attended high school.  Roseanne worked her way through high school in order to help her mother pay the bills.  She became an excellent student and valued nothing more than her education.  Roseanne was an If Given A Chance became an excellent student and valued nothing more than her education.  Roseanne was an If Given A Chance Honoree in 2005.


Roseanne graduated with her BA in December 2009 from UC Berkeley.  She went on to achieve her Masters Degree in Education and Multiple Subject and Single Subject California Teaching Credential at the University of San Francisco in May of 2012.


Roseanne states, “Out of all the support that I have received throughout my college and graduate school years, If Given A Chance is the only organization that has never left my side.  They truly care about my well-being and my future success, and I often wonder how my college years would have turned out without them.”


Continuing now with the story of Roseanne:  She is currently teaching high school science classes and working a second job in retail to pay off her student loans.  She hopes to pursue a Ph.D. in Education and contribute significant research into the field while staying in the classroom as a hands-on teacher.  “I want to dedicate my life to transforming the public education system and to finding effective ways to close the achievement gap and bring equity to education.”



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